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End to End Quality Control

We take the risk out of buying used cars through stringent inspections, MAF, stolen vehicle checks, odometer certification, WOF compliance, panel and paint when needed and grooming. Our End to End Quality Control System or e2e ensures that from purchasing of vehicles in Japan up to actual delivery, nothing is left to chance by our technical staff. We assure reliable service and accurate vehicle information for your peace of mind.

1. Accident Damage Inspection

Prior to leaving Japan, all vehicles are inspected by an independent New Zealand government agency to ensure that they have no defects or damages.

2. Full exterior and interior cleaning

After the inspection, vehicles go through full exterior and interior cleaning.

3. Odometer Certification

Our alliance with Odometer Inspection Services (OIS),ensures that the odometer readings are valid and accurate. OIS has specially trained diagnostic specialists that handle the stringent odometer examination on all our vehicles to protect you from odometer fraud.

4. Stolen Vehicle Check

With AutoTerminal.com New Zealand you are assured that all vehicles undergo full ownership history checks. All vehicles are thoroughly checked against the official land transportation databases in Japan.

5. Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

All our vehicles go through the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) quarantine inspection before entering New Zealand. They get thoroughly examined in Japan to ensure they comply with the NZ government’s bio-security requirements.

6. Warrant of Fitness

All our vehicles have passed the NZ government's Entry Certification and Warrant of Fitness requirements. We have partnered with the *VTNZ (Vehicle Testing New Zealand), to carry out independent entry certification and WOF inspections. This guarantees that all vehicles comply with the vehicle safety and environmental requirements of the NZ government.

7. Mechanical Inspection

ATNZ's fully-qualified mechanics thoroughly check all vehicles following a detailed inspection checklist.

8. Grooming

After the vehicles have been complied and mechanically inspected, they are groomed inside and out. Grooming includes washing and polishing. We make sure that all vehicles are in their best form before they are put on display.

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